Single Room Needed For Female UCL 9-5'R 35Yrs
Female seeking a single room in a mixed property.

Hello. I will be working PT 3 -5 days per week, up at my families in Manchester the rest of the time. I love cats, but dogs OK. Dont mind what ages I live with, have friends young and old, Im not ageist! Im 35. Love film film film and and film, travel, and all things hippy dippy things (as other people call it). Love people but will be writing my screenplay/working on my film development in the evenings so dont worry about my nattering away every night. Hoping to walk to work (city of London). (wanting max 40 mins walk each way). If transport is involved, my best friends live in Brockley Crofton Park and in Harringay, so particularly interested in those areas. Probably looking from the new year, although it could be the week after next. Thanks

Needed From: 5 Aug 18
Last Updated: 5 month(s) ago
Advertiser Since: Tuesday 5 December 2017

Max Rent
up to £600.00 per month

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