Room Wanted Leeds Mon-Fri Single Or Double
Male seeking a double room in a mixed property.

Im a PhD student with a family close by in north yorkshire, and my sister in beeston. I would be needing the property around 2-4 nights during the working week, but most of my time will be spent doing sports after work anyway. Just need a place to shower and sleep really! I will go home for the weekends and babysit for my sister sometimes, thought dont want to be a burden on them and not have the ability to stay over in leeds on my own accord. Friendly, sociable 25 year old whos going to have a lot of lab work to do next year! I own a house in Keighley that I rent out but have a room for me and my stuff, so wont need to bring a car load of things, ill be tidy dont worry :)

Needed From: 1 Jul 18
Last Updated: 12 month(s) ago
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up to £300.00 per month

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