Need Room Near Kings Road Chelsea
Female seeking a double room in a mixed property.

Yogi looking for a space to stay three or four nights of the week from the end of November or start of December. am I must know if you are strictly Monday - Friday? I ask this because I am potentially working at TriYoga on Kings Rd (you would get yoga or Pilates classes for £2!! Woopee) and they would like me to be available one weekends - not every weekend but it could be twice a month and Im wondering if staying the Odd Saturday evening would be okay? I work in Sheffield on Monday & Tuesday so I shant be around on the Sunday evening or Monday evening. I wonder if you also allow guests? For instance would it be possiable for me to invite my boyfriend (who lives in Dulwich) over once a week? He is a very quite architect in training. Or have a friend over for supper once a month? A little about me...I am very into yoga and always happy to practice with people. I am a country girl so I am all guns blazing at work etc but I need to retreat to a quiet home (but sociable would be lovely!!!) Id like to build a relationship with the people Im living with and not be a hermit in my bedroom. I will go up to the Peak Dustrict most weekends and it would be lovely if you wanted to come with me and get away from the big smoke. Do let me know if youre interested!!! All the best, Pippa

Needed From: 30 Nov 17
Last Updated: 14 month(s) ago
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