Double Room Within 3 Miles WC2
Female seeking a double room in a mixed property.

I live in Ireland with my husband and generally commute to London every second week arriving Tue to office and departing Friday from office. It may occur that I am in London additional weeks or nights; in 2018 I spent circa 90 nights in London. My adult children work in London and occassionaly I stay for a weekend to spend time with them. Ideally I would like a double room with all bills included and the facility to use a hob to heat pasta or soup in the evening and make a cup of tea! Previous accommodation I shared with owners who are now moving. I do not anticipate becoming your "new best friend"! I would like to share space with mutual respect. I enjoy theatre, good company, food and wine and walk rather than bus or tube when possible!

Needed From: 1 Feb 19
Last Updated: 3 days ago
Advertiser Since: Saturday 5 January 2019

Max Rent
up to £700.00 per month

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