Room Needed Near Central London
Male seeking a single room in a mixed property.

I am a vegan male pushing 60 hard enough to break a wrist with two grown children. I am still reasonably fit and active and somehow mange to shuffle around a football pitch fairly often. I have been working as a civil servant in central London for a couple of years full time but still have a property in Cumbria. I have been renting somewhere full time but now wish to explore sharing my time between north and south. My job means that I can now work from home at least two days a week which would allow me the flexibility to make the most of an 'up at a villa - down in the city' lifestyle. This would suit me fine as I have always enjoyed being out in the wilds of the country yet still hankered for the rush of the city which does not mean I want to party all night while I am in the city!

Needed From: 22 Jan 18
Last Updated: 12 month(s) ago
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Max Rent
up to £600.00 per month

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