6 Week Temporary, Mon-Fri Lodging
Male seeking a single room in a mixed property.

Hi I'm Ed and I am looking for lodging for my 6 week course starting the 2nd of September at the David Lloyd centre in Glasgow. The course is Monday- Friday and the first class starts at 9. As I live in Perth, this time is a bit steep. I am also a part-timer as well as a student so traveling day-to-day is out of the price range. I was offered the thought of hotels or b&b, as soon as I seem the average price range I dropped that thought. I didn't know what to do next so the thought of transferral dates was shadowing. One day my mum told me about this site called fivenights.com. It sounded perfect for what I was looking for so I am registering to find my temporary home for 6 weeks. If there are any questions you would like to ask me, you can email me at the address I have left in the contact details. Thank you for your time, Ed.

Needed From: 1 Sep 13
Last Updated: 56 month(s) ago
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