Rent Your Spare Room Monday To Friday

Longer and longer commutes and short term contract working has resulted in a surge in demand for Monday to Friday accommodation for people working away from home.

As a homeowner, there are many benefits to taking in a weekday lodger instead of a conventional lodger. A typical weekday lodger is a quiet, professional person who is working away from home on a temporary basis. They do not move in with a van-load of possessions. During the week, the most you will likely see of them is a couple of hours in the evening. Come the weekend, they travel back home to spend time with their families, freeing up your spare room.

Weekday lodgers expect to spend little time in your home, and need a “hassle free” arrangement. This means that rooms are typically offered inclusive of bills, fresh linens and towels are provided.

As a weekday landlord, the first £7,000 earn from your room is tax free under the rules of the government’s Rent a Room Scheme.

How It Works.

Fivenights is quick and easy to use but to get the best out of it you should contact other users after registering:

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  • Check out the room wanted ads
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  • Wait for prospective lodgers to contact you
  • and that's it!